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Called together in 2019 by legendary Leimert Park cultural institution KAOS NetworkZ with the help of LA Commons, We Love Leimert was a call to action to create sustainable opportunities for Black Millennials and Generation Z to develop, design, and implement art and cultural programming experiences in the Village for the Leimert Park Art Walk.


a multi-generational community

We Love Leimert Is an Intergenerational Cultural Organizing Collective led by young folks who employ a Sankofa Strategy in partnership with elders & ancestors to manifest a Visionary Leimert Park Village Future through Digital Storytelling and Cultural Economic Development.

Build Black Utopia 

We Love Leimert are organizers of unapologetically Black artists, cultural bearers, producers, curators, strategists and creatives passionately grounded in cultural innovation to honor the historically Black heritage of Leimert Park Village and the greater Los Angeles Black community.


Share Your Leimert Park Love story With Us

Write a love note to Leimert Park in response to the prompt, "#Weloveleimert Because..." and tell us why you love Leimert Park Village.

Find  or take a picture of yourself, a homie, family member, historical event, or any moment in the village that represents

why We love Leimert.

Share your love note and photo on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the hashtag #weloveleimert

Sankofa Strategy

We Love Leimert’s Sankofa Strategy engages the practices of community organizing and artistic activism to create sustainable cultural economic opportunities for the next generation to design and produce cultural programming and experiences in Leimert Park Village.

Habari Gani - What's the News?

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